This is a Program which can simulate EMOTIONS and MOOD.


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# **Introduction** This is a Program which can **simulate** EMOTIONS and MOOD. *This contains of the following Units:*--- > - **Essential Information:** *This contains some essential snippets for core processing etc.* * **Knowladge Input:** *Here the System processes and stores the Data in its ONLINE DATABASE.* * **Get Value:** *This fetches the value from the ***knowladge*** Database and is prossesed by removing unnecessary **" , "** and " [ , ] " for furthur processing if the data in **Mood** and **Emotion** part.* * **Mood of the System:** *Here the System calculates its ***Mood*** from its Database.* * **Refine Input:** *As the Data is stored in a unique format in the Database, it is Decoded here.* * **Processing:** *Here the System calculates its ***Emotion*** from its Database.* * **Output:** *This is the final output or the status of imotion of the System.* **_____________________________________________________________** **__________________________________** ### **Installation** To use `emotions`, you need to have the package installed. Note that if you don't have `python-firebase` installed then `emotions` will not work, so before installing `emotions`, please install `python-firebase`. Install **`python-firebase`**: $ sudo pip install python-firebase Install **`emotions`**: $ sudo pip install emotions ### **Usage** **Here are some set of commands to use it in Projects.** This module can be very effective for Projects like Personal assistants > - ```import emotions as aE```: For Importing the module as ```aE```. > - ```aE.emotion(ask, url)```: Here ```ask=``` The word you want the **AI** to react to, and `url=` the url of your Firebase Database(This will be used as the storage). Note that the **Mood** of AI is independent. > - ```aE.learn(word, feeling, url)```: It is used to teach the **AI** about different **words** and our **feeling** about them. Here word refers to the **words**, feeling refers to the **feeling** and `url` reffers to the *url* of the **Firebase Database**. Once the **information** is stored it prints `'Got it!'`.Note that if your firebase database has no bucket `'/count'` it will **not work**. So first go ahead and create a `'/count'` and store value `0` with tag `/1` > - To `print()` the out put, `print(aE.emotion.mood)`: to print the **Mood** and `print(aE.emotion.feelings)`: to print the **Emotion.**